Tobacco Factories, 2007

Project Description

Enigmas, Order and Emptiness.

Curated by Thanassis Moutsopoulos

Abandoned, thrust from the cities’ consciousness, forgotten by their inhabitants and ignored by municipality and state, these industrial buildings now resemble literally ‘non places’. If one wanted to condense everything they represent into a single word, one might say they displayed all the features of the ‘industrial subconscious’. Which is to say that, apart from their charged, inert materiality, they also manifest a shift in their psyche–an imperceptible ‘psychic space’ which expresses a series of shattered impulses of Modernity: all those repulsions, condensations and shifts that have defined our contemporary cities.

Extract from Yorgos Tzirtzilakis’s, text

Part of collection: Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, Kavala Museum of Tobacco, Drama Short Film Festival.